NC Solar Thermal Water Heating

Whether looking to replace an old water heater or just considering an upgrade to an existing one, the decision to buy a solar water heater is one of the smartest options for heating your home's water in North Carolina. Efficient water heaters using the sun - also called “solar thermal systems” - are efficient water heaters that lower your utility bills and also add value to your home.

Save Money

NC solar thermal water heating systems will save you money every month on your utility bills. And because you're harnessing the sun's clean energy, you're protected from the rising costs of energy.

Tax Credits

People who buy a solar water heater qualify for federal and state tax credits. In most cases, tax credits take care of almost half the cost of the system!

Save Energy

Going solar means using less non-renewable sources of energy.  In most cases, a properly installed solar water heater can meet about 75% of your family’s hot water needs, meaning that’s energy you won’t need from the utility. Plus, you're taking advantage of a sustainable source that will be here for years to come.

Reduce Carbon

Installing a solar water heater is the equivalent of eliminating 19,000 lbs of harmful carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere. Plus you'll feel good knowing you're using clean, renewable energy from the sun to heat a majority of your home's water - which means you'll be using very little (if any) power from traditional utility sources.

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